Southland Technology Launches Managed Services Services Through Partnership With MX Logic

San Diego, CA, December 31, 2009 - Southland Technology today announced that it has finalized a partnership with MX Logic® a leading managed security services provider. This partnership will allow Southland Technology to provide managed email, web security and message archiving services to its customer base.

Southland Technology is adding MX Logic Email Defense Service and MX Logic Web Defense Service. These new hosted offerings provide customers with an effective first line of defense at the network perimeter to prevent vulnerabilities and threats such as spam, worms and spyware from entering a managed network. In addition, Southland Technology will be offering:

  • MX Logic Message Archiving to allow businesses to store, monitor and retrieve all inbound, outbound and internal emails for compliance or general storage/retrieval purposes.
  • MX Logic Message Continuity to allow customers to continue using email during planned or unplanned outages through a Web-based email client. The service provides 60 rolling days of storage to protect against prolonged outages.
  • MX Logic Fail Safe Service that provides five days of rolling email storage to protect against the loss of emails during planned or unplanned outages.

"MX Logic’s managed security services fit well with our current offerings and our business philosophy – provide solutions that enhance customer productivity and profitability," said Rich Morales, Business Development Manager. “MX Logic is an ideal business partner for us. Their simple, smart managed security services are highly effective and affordable – a perfect fit for our customer base which ranges from Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses and Enterprises.”

The implementation of MX Logic products will assure a better IT experience for Southland Technology customers. By thwarting spammers and spoofers, utilizing web defense to restrict surfing, and generating internet usage reports, MX Logic products keep bandwidth available for data applications.

As a result of this partnership, Southland Technology becomes an F3 Partner in MX Logic’s PartnerFocus Program. F3 Partner is MX Logic's highest level a partner can attain and requires training, certification and an invitation by MX Logic to participate at the F3 level. About MX Logic MX Logic is a leading provider of managed email and Web security services that deliver enterprise-grade performance without enterprise-level complexity and cost. Our award-winning services reduce risk and liability, lower overall IT costs, and increase productivity. For more information, visit


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